Ambition and Fundamentals


Ethical, Independent and objective: Schofield & Partners integrates social, environmental and economic roles into the company. This includes the well-being of employees, their health, the ecological footprint of the company through a consideration for the environment and respect for the balance of interests. We integrate the philosophy of "act local, think global" (Rene Dubos). 


Our surveyors subscribe to the RICS Code of Ethics:


  • Act with integrity 
    Never put your own gain above the welfare of your clients, and respect their confidentiality at all times.
  • Always be honest 
    Be trustworthy in all that you do and never deliberately mislead, whether by withholding or distorting information.
  • Be open and transparent in your dealings 
    Share the full facts with your clients, making things as plain and intelligible as possible.
  • Be accountable for all your actions 
    Never commit to more than you can deliver, take full responsibility, and don't blame others if things go wrong
  • Know and act within your limitations 
    Be aware of the limits of your competence and don't be tempted to work beyond these limits.
  • Be objective at all times 
    Give fair, neutral advice, and never let your own feelings or interests cloud your judgement.
  • Never discriminate against others 
    Always treat others with respect whatever their gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.
  • Set a good example 
    Remember that both your public and private behaviour could affect your own reputation and other RICS members' reputations.
  • Have the courage to make a stand 
    Be prepared to act if you suspect malpractice.


Corporate Social responsibility


Because we believe that human rights are the foundations of a society that guarantees equality, freedom and dignity of every human being, Schofield & Partners plays a role in bringing a small stone to the building, to contribute to their achievement.


Since 2007, our actions are divided primarily to support:


  1. The Kids First and support SVAMV = Swiss Federation of single parent families.  Helps to protect children who are especially vulnerable and discriminated against. SVAMV committed to protecting the rights of the child because the families are particularly vulnerable
  2. Make A Wish Foundation is committed to changing the lives of children living with serious illness by fulfilling dreams that allow them to redouble their courage, strength and energy. Often, having realised their wish, they are more determined than ever to overcome their disease.
    Schofield & Partners sponsored the World Wish Day April 29, 2010 and realizes the wishes of several children.
  3. Esca’s yearly Paddle for Cancer event Schofield & Partners will participate for the 6th edition to the next "Paddle for Cancer" to be held on 6th September 2015 on the lac de Joux with a team of 16 paddlers, regrouping work colleagues and young cancer survivors. In 2010 / 2011, an amount of 10’000.- Chf was collected and donated for specific service pediatric oncology – HUG. Again, the funds collected during the fundraisers challenge 2015 will be donated to Make-A-Wish foundation, and grant wishes of children living with life threatening